Integrative Cancer Care: Support and Prevention

There are many different terms used for what we provide at our clinic – integrative cancer care, supportive care, adjunctive care. All of these terms are accurate but can mean different things depending on the physician. Here is what it means to us:

Enjoy true health!

Most of us understand cancer is a complicated, difficult disease and generally speaking so are the treatments. Conventional care is continually advancing, learning new ways in which to target the growth of abnormal cells. We are grateful for these treatments but they also frequently come with a multitude of side effects and don’t always look at the complete picture.

Integrated cancer care is about providing complementary and adjunctive support to the patient that focuses on all aspects of who they are- the body, mind and spirit. This care helps preserve and promote the health of the body before, during and after conventional cancer treatments.

Here are some of the goals of integrative, supportive cancer care:

1) Decrease side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.

2) Assist in activating the immune system to engage in the fight against the cancer cells. The immune system is always our FIRST DEFENSE in keeping potentially troublesome cells from becoming something more and definitely plays an immense role in winning the battle against cancer.

3) Increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and/or radiation. There are studied herbs and nutritional supplements shown to amplify the effects of conventional treatment.

Vegetables create health.4) Utilize the diet to not only promote overall health and well-being but also to decrease the risks of cancer growth and spread.

5) Educate about the importance of lifestyle, stress management and exercise in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

6) Engage the individual in their health care process, helping them to see they have the ability to play an active role in their treatment and recovery.

7) Assist with tools to decrease the risk of developing cancer or recurrence.


Methods we use in treatment:

1) Nutritional supplementsTurmeric

2) Herbal supplements

3) IV Nutrition including high dose Vitamin C (see page on IV nutrition for further information)

4) Dietary, exercise and lifestyle guidance.

5) Acupuncture.

The treatments we utilize are research-based, have been considered in the context of conventional treatments and reviewed for possible negative interactions.

We work with your oncologist to make sure everyone involved in the care team is comfortable with the treatment plan being prescribed.

It is the responsibility of the patient to engage a board certified medical oncologist for conventional cancer treatments and to inform them of the complementary cancer treatments being received at this clinic. We will communicate and coordinate care with your oncologist as approved by HIPAA regulations.