Heavy Metal Testing

2018 Update: MELISA® Metal Allergy Testing Unavailable

Please note that as of early 2018, MELISA® testing is not available within the US.  We are not able to order this test.  Dr. Clark continues to do heavy metal testing for exposure and total body burden and to provide treatment for heavy metal toxicity.  We will update this page when testing becomes available.

MELISA® Metal Allergy Testing

This page is for more information on Metal Allergy Testing through MELISA®.  If you are interested in more information on total body burden or heavy metal toxicity or are interested in treatment for heavy metal toxicity, please note that you will need to establish as a patient at our Tualatin, Oregon clinic location.  The heavy metal allergy test through the MELISA® Foundation is a test to detect an immune reaction to metals, specifically Type IV delayed hypersensitivity lymphocytic immune reaction to metals that living tissues have been exposed to.

Patient Care

In order to establish a doctor-patient relationship and receive diagnosis and medical care from Dr. Clark, an in person medical visit in Oregon is required for legal and ethical reasons. Once care is established, distance medicine using phone and internet can be employed for followup and ongoing care. These services are provided through regular medical visits covered by your general medicine health insurance carrier. Please call 503-691-0901 to schedule your initial visit.

Distance Consultation for Non-patients

Dr. Clark is available for distance consultations via internet voice/video or phone. Please note that for all distance consultations, Dr. Clark is not establishing himself as your physician and by law, he is unable to diagnose or treat your condition. Consultations employ Dr. Clark in the role of gathering information, including MELISA® testing that can be provided to the healthcare providers of your choosing to guide them in creating diagnosis and providing appropriate treatment plans for you.  If you are outside of Oregon, cannot travel to Tualatin, and are seeking medical assistance, please refer back to MELISA®Clinics or Neuroscience for information about who is available to provide care closer to you.

Distance Consultation Rates and Details

Long distance consultations typically take 30-45 minutes of direct communication. A consultation with Dr. Clark includes a health history focused on your concerns about possible metal allergies; facilitation of a MELISA® test panel order that is appropriate for your concerns and metal exposures; and a followup phone call to go over your results. You will also be sent a letter addressed “to whom it may concern” regarding your health history and MELISA® results, along with a copy of your MELISA® results, and a recent independent, peer reviewed science article that lays out the scientific basis for this type of metal allergy.

MELISA® consultations by Dr. Clark are offered at a flat fee of $250 for the doctor’s time and expertise for the above. The cost of the MELISA® testing is separate, paid by you directly to the laboratory performing the test. If you require additional consultations with Dr. Clark these will be priced based on our standard fee schedule.  Payment for consultations will be arranged or collected at the time of scheduling.

Please note that Dr. Clark is not available for questions without a scheduled appointment or consultation. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please call 503-691-0901 to schedule a consultation.