True Health Medicine is moving to Charm EHR

True Health Medicine is going to be using a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) software program starting at the end of this month. We are working hard to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible and appreciate your help and patience as we make this change.  

Patients most likely to be affected in the short term are those who are frequently using the Patient Fusion portal to communicate directly with their doctor.  Additionally, we will be connecting labs and pharmacies to the new system.  Though we do not anticipate any issues with this, we are encouraging patients be proactive to ensure we become aware of any issues and can address them quickly.  We encourage patients to request refills early (from your pharmacy) and contact us if you have had a blood draw and haven’t heard from us about your lab results within 2 weeks.  


What is the Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital patient chart.  We use an EHR to maintain accurate, up to date records.  Using an EHR allows our providers to access your health information from the office or while out of the office.  Additionally, most EHR programs have a patient portal that allows us to share information and communicate securely with patients. 

What EHR was True Health Medicine using?  What EHR is True Health Medicine moving to?

True Health Medicine has been using Practice Fusion since 2012.  We will begin using Charm EHR in May 2018 and will be exclusively using Charm EHR effective June 1, 2018. Please note that Practice Fusion and Patient Fusion (the patient side of the Practice Fusion) will be available in a read-only form ongoing, so you will still be able to log in to that system an access your prior lab results and messages.  

Why is True Health Medicine changing EHR?

We have been using the same EHR for many years, but the new system has some additional features which we anticipate will help us in delivering excellent patient care.  

How will this affect me as a patient?

The likelihood that this change will affect you depends on your use of Patient Fusion.  If you haven’t been using it, you likely won’t notice much change.

If you have been using Patient Fusion to get information and communicate with your provider, you will still be able to find your old records with your Patient Fusion account.  We will also recommend that you establish a new account with Charm. At that point, you should have access to the same features you have become accustomed to.

Do I need to do anything?

Yes, we are requesting patients help with the following:

  • Please watch your email for an invitation to Charm and follow the instructions to establish your account with Charm.   
  • Please request prescription refill requests directly from your pharmacy early, such as when you have a week or more of medication remaining.
  • In May and June 2018, if you have had a blood draw and have not heard from our office about your results within 2 weeks, please call the office.  

When will I get my invitation to Charm so I can email my provider?

You will be sent an invitation to Charm at your next patient appointment or if your provider needs to contact you. Please do not call the office requesting an invitation prior to June 1. After June 1, if you have not yet received an invitation and have an urgent query for your provider, please call the office for assistance. 

Will I use Charm to schedule appointments with my provider?

We are currently not changing our scheduling software.  Charm does provide the ability to “request” an appointment, but we recommend patients continue to use FullSlate or call the office to schedule.