These articles have been written by the doctors of True Health Medicine, PC and published in the Tualatin Life and Tigard Life community newspapers. Articles are organized most recent first.    Adobe Reader or plugin are required to view the pages.


COVID-19 Updates – Bijana Kadakia, ND (April 2020) – Online version with live links available here

Colds and Flus and Ut Oh! – Jeff Clark, ND (March 2020) – Click here for updates on this developing situation 

Resolution to Diet? Consider this! – Bijana Kadakia, ND (January 2020)  – Bonus material on the blog!


Changing your diet without changing what you eat – Bijana Kadakia, ND (October 2019)

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad – Bijana Kadakia, ND (July 2019)

Lingering Cough – Bijana Kadakia, ND (April 2019)

What is a Naturopathic Sports Medicine Doctor – Brittany Long, ND (February 2019)


Acupuncture … What is it good for – Bijana Kadakia, ND (November 2018)

10 years Serving Tigard-Tualatin with Naturopathic Medicine – Jeff Clark, ND (September 2018)

Keeping Clean in a Dirty World – Bijana Kadakia, ND (August 2018)

Not Your Mothers Hormone Replacement Therapy – Bijana Kadakia, ND (May 2018)

Let’s Talk About Your Ticker! – Bijana Kadakia, ND (February 2018)


Complex Issue of B Vitamins – Bijana Kadakia, ND (October 2017)

Dieting for Swimsuit Season or Eating for Life – Bijana Kadakia, ND (July 2017)

What’s Your Why – Bijana Kadakia, ND (April 2017)

Why Your Vitamin D Level Matters – Bijana Kadakia, ND (January 2017)


Prevention During Cold and Flu Season – Bijana Kadakia, ND (October 2016)

The Individual Man’s Clinic – Jeff Clark, ND (July 2016)

How Stress Causes Disease – Bijana Kadakia, ND (June 2016)

Treating Anxiety Naturally – Bijana Kadakia, ND (May 2016)

Naturopathic Primary Care – Jeff Clark, ND (April 2016)


A Primer on Thyroid Health – Bijana Kadakia, ND, Lac (November 2014)

Uncovering the Mystery of the Migraine-Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (Sept. 2014)

Labeling the Hazards of Modern Eating – Jeff Clark, ND (August 2014)

Food allergies – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (July 2014)

My microbiome and me: Cancer prevention – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (May 2014)

Is SIBO the cause of your gas, bloating and digestive symptoms? – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (April 2014)

Menopause: Friend or Foe?- Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (Jan. 2014)


Til the season: Cold and flu season – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (December 2013)

Gut Microbes, Inflammation and Appetite – Jeff Clark, ND (November 2013)

Naturopathic Medicine Week- Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (October 2013)

Lessons from the road – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (August 2013)

Integrative Medicine: Integrated Medical Wisdom – Jeff Clark, ND (June 2013)

The power of the helpers in cancer prevention – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (May 2013)

When springing forward sets you back – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc  (April 2013)

A weighty issue of American health: Part 4 – Jeff Clark, ND (January 2013)


A weighty issue of American Health: Part 4a – Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (December 2012)

A weighty issue of American health: Part 3: Sugar – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (October 2012)

Need ZZZ’s? – Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (July 2012)

A weighty issue of American health: Part 1 – Jeff Clark, ND (June 2012)

New treatments for chronic pain – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (May 2012)

Information you may not have heard about BPA – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (February 2012)

Doing a body good? Maybe not – Bijana Kadakia, ND, LAc (January 2012)


The Facts about Gluten-Free Diets-Wendy Rogers, ND LAc (October 2011)

Are you taking unprescribed antibiotics? – Bijana Devo, ND, LAc (June 2011)

Is the hcg diet right for you? – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (May 2011)

Hormonal men – Jeff Clark, ND (April 2011)

Is the lunch box going to win over the lunch line? – Anya Chang, ND, LMT (February 2011)

Still coughing? – Bijana Devo, ND, LAc (January 2011)


To twinkie or not to twinkie – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (December 2010)

Medical traditions and paradigms – Jeff Clark, ND (September 2010)

Rebuilding the food pyramid – Anya Chang, ND, LMT (August 2010)

Is an “aspirin-a-day” too many? – Bijana Devo, ND, LAc (June 2010)

Allergy season: a call to action – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (May 2010)

Creating a blue zone in Tualatin, OR – Jeff Clark, ND (April 2010)

What your doctor might not have told you about cholesterol lowering drugs – Anya Chang, ND, LMT (March 2010)

Talk to your doctor about breast health – Bijana Devo, ND, LAc (January 2010)


Staying healthy into the new year and beyond – Wendy Rogers, ND, LAc (December 2009)

Swine Flu: Another point of view – Jeff Clark, ND (November 2009)

Healthcare in America – Jeff Clark, ND (October 2009)