The Foundations of Health


This morning while driving to the clinic, I was thinking about how to help explain the importance of having your “foundations” in place in order to really find a place of true health. By foundations, I’m talking about diet, movement, sleep, stress management- the basics that can so often be pushed to the side.

As naturopathic physicians, we have a lot of tools in our tool box to assist with numerous health issues but without the “foundations”, it’s like putting your finger in the hole of a leaking dam. Once you remove your finger, we know what’s going to happen. With that said, sometimes we need to focus on simply repairing the leak and then individuals are more able to focus on rebuilding the things that are going to keep them strong in the long haul.

With most things that are REALLY important, it can be difficult and often overwhelming to know where to start. My best advice is to keep it simple and you can build from there. Be conscious about what you’re eating, start reading labels more often and decreasing foods that require labels in the first place. Think about trying a new vegetable or two and/or having a minimum of one vegetable with each meal. Move your body daily, take the stairs instead of the elevator or walking around the block a couple of times on your break. Determine time to be in bed on a nightly basis that will give you 7-8 hours of sleep and stick to it. Try some maybe new to you techniques for stress management such as meditation, journaling, a walk in nature. Tell a friend about the changes you’re trying to make so someone else can help you stay accountable. With small changes, bigger changes will come and be so much easier to incorporate into your daily living. Stay tuned for more later!

In building your strong foundation, you will be able to find your way to true health.