GMO labeling – A Tualatin Community Discussion

GMO Labeling - Oregon Right to Know

GMO labeling – A Tualatin Community Discussion

7pm, Tuesday, September 16th,

2014 Tualatin Heritage Center

Hosted by Jeff Clark, ND

Dr. Clark finds himself in the awkward position of being one of the few outspoken moderates on the topic of GMO Foods.  One extreme wants you to fear “frankenfish”, the other to fear that you will not be able to afford your food if GMO labeling becomes mandatory.  At this meeting Dr. Clark hopes to educate and inform on the issue of GMOs by addressing the following points:

  • what is genetic engineering / a genetically modified organism?
  • what is the promise of genetically engineering plants and animals?
  • what important traits are genetically engineered into our current food supply?
  • what are the health concerns?
  • why might the food industry be against you having a right to know when GMOs are presented for you to purchase as food?
  • open discussion

This event is free and open to the public.  We request that you please call our office at 503-691-0901 to reserve a seat.