Office Closure – Wednesday 12/14 and Thursday 12/15

Due to snowy and slippery conditions, our office closed early today, Wednesday 12/14 at 3pm and will remain closed tomorrow Thursday 12/15.  If you have a scheduled appointment, please call our office on Monday at 503-691-0901 or click here to reschedule at your convenience if you did not reschedule when we called you.  If you need a prescription refill, please call your pharmacy directly.

Our primary concern during inclement weather is the safety of our patients, staff and providers.  After seeing scenes like that pictured here and all of our providers and staff having 2-3 hour commutes, we encourage you to stay home until the roads clear if at all possible.  If you have to be on the roads, we wish you safe travels.

As a reminder, here is our general guidelines around inclement weather:

In cases of inclement weather, safety is our primary concern. If you are unable to come to an appointment due to inclement weather, we request that you notify us as soon as possible – missed appointment fees will not be assessed for appointments missed due to weather conditions.  We will also notify scheduled patients as soon as possible if the clinic schedule will be changing due to weather.  If you have a scheduled appointment, you will be notified by phone and email (if available).  We will also post updates on our Facebook page and webpage.  If your appointment is a naturopathic follow up, we may be able to substitute a Skype or phone appointment.  All other appointment types will be rescheduled.