Pricing and Payments

Payment Expected at Time of Service

In general, payment is expected in full at time of service.  For insured patients, we will collect copay, coinsurance, deductible amounts (when known) and payment for any supplements or additional services.  We do our best to estimate the correct amount due and will bill or refund you after we receive payment from your insurance company if there is a discrepancy. For uninsured patients, we offer a payment plan for service fees only.  We will collect a down-payment on services and payment for any supplements or additional services.

Cost of Services

Visits are billed based on the standard coding system used in most medical facilities.  The codes used will be based on what happens during the visit, the complexity of the case and the time spent with the physician. Because our physicians typically spend more time face to face with patients, a prolonged visit code is also often billed.  If you prefer that this fee not be billed, you will need to request that your visits are shortened and focused on a single issue at the time of scheduling.  The following is a general price list for a typical visit:

New Patient Visit (60-90 minutes) $140-$465

Follow Up Naturopathic Visit (30-60 minutes) $85-$380

New Patient Acupuncture Visit (60-90 minutes) $250-310

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment (45-60 minutes) $65-$110

Massage Therapy (Call to inquire)

At True Health Medicine, we want to provide you with the best possible care for lasting health without financial barriers.  We have several options available to work with you on accessing affordable care, including payment plans (some restrictions apply), a 20% courtesy for payments received in full at the time of service and the Portland Patient-Physician Cooperative.  Please call our office to discuss options.

Insurance Billing

Note that if you are insured, the above listed fees are what will be billed to your insurance company, but negotiated rates will take precedence for companies we are contracted with.  If you have a coinsurance (pay a percentage), your coinsurance will be based on negotiated rates as well.

We bill insurance as a courtesy.  Patients are responsible for prompt payment of all patient responsibility portions (copay, coinsurance, deductible) and any unpaid services.  Please visit our insurance page for more information about insurance coverage and a guide to verifying your benefits.

Forms of Payment Accepted

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and FSA and HSA cards