Selected Nutrients and Herbs

These dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

chancatea.jpg CFS Nutrition Chanca Piedra Tea 125 gm powder
1 – jar with 125 grams of powdered herb (makes 125 cups)Chanca Piedra (aka “Stone Breaker”, latin “Phyllanthus Niuri”) is found in tropical climates worldwide. It is used traditionally in India and china as a liver tonic for jaundice and hepatitis B. In South America for eliminating kidney stones, gall stones, soothing urinary tract infections and for kidney cleansing. Chanca piedra has been shown scientifically to significantly inhibit aggregation and kidney cell uptake of calcium oxalic acid. As a kidney cleanser and disperser of oxalic acid chanca piedra is beleived to work synergistically with supplements of magnesium and vitamin B6. The herb milled for this product is harvested from the Peruvian rain forest.



CFS Nutrition Flourish Chicory FOS prebiotic 300 gm powder
1 jar with 300 grams. Extracted from chicory roots, Flourish is a >95% mix of inulin and fructooligosaccharides, together called FOS. These complex sugars preferentially cause the symbiotic bifidobacteria strains to “flourish”, becoming the predominate cultures in the large intestine when 4-15 grams are taken per day (1 tsp Flourish = 5 grams). Friendly bacteria in the colon produce biotin, B vitamins, vitamin K, short chain fatty acids, and help protect the intestinal tract from pathogens and toxins. Science has shown FOS derived from chicory has a more lasting affect in restoring friendly bacteria in the intestine than do probiotics containing bacteria only. Blend 1 tsp with chlorine-free water, or allow to dissolve directly on tongue 1-3 times daily.


pur_quercitin.jpg Pure Encapsulations Quercetin 250 mg 60 cap

Maintains histamine release and degranulation

* Quercetin has been shown to be one of the most bioactive flavonoids.

Quercetin maintains healthy histimine production by supporting healthy enzyme activity.

pur_glucosamine.jpg Pure Encapsulations Glucosamine & Chondrotin with MSM 60 caps
Glucosamine + Chondroitin with MSM

Healthy cartilage strength and resilience

*Sulfur-containing methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is included in this glucosamine and chondroitin combination to provide an enhanced spectrum of nutrients for optimal cartilage matrix composition, connective tissue strength, and joint comfort. Glucosamine promotes the synthesis of the glycosaminoglycan chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin sulfate is responsible for building the ground substance of cartilage, molecules known as proteoglycans. In addition, chondroitin sulfate may maintain healthy enzyme activity. An important role of sulfur from MSM is to enhance the structure and integrity of proteoglycans.

Pure Encapsulations Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM offers highly purified constituents for healthy cartilage formation and joint movement ease.

is a registered trademark of Cardinal Nutrition.

pur_DHEA_5mg.jpg Pure Encapsulations DHEA – micronized 5 mg 60 caps
DHEA 5 mg. (micronized)

Micronized adrenal hormone

*DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant adrenal steroid hormone in the body. After it is made by the adrenal glands, it travels into cells throughout the body where it is converted into androgens and estrogens. These hormones regulate fat and mineral metabolism, endocrine and reproductive function, and energy levels. The amount of each hormone that DHEA converts to depends on an individual’s biochemistry, age, and sex. DHEA levels peak around age 25 and then decline steadily. DHEA supplementation has been associated with increased emotional well-being and immune function.

Pure Encapsulations DHEA is micronized to increase absorption. It is made with 99% pure, pharmaceutical grade DHEA.

WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Consult a physician or licensed qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, heart disease, low “good” cholesterol (HDL), or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter drug. Do not exceed the recommended serving. Exceeding the recommended serving may cause serious adverse health effects. Possible side effects include acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face (in women), aggressiveness, irritability, and increased levels of estrogen. Discontinue use and call a physician or licensed qualified health care professional immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, or other similar symptoms. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
To report any adverse event call 1–800–332–1088.
Individuals with hypertension should not take this product.

pur_rhodiola.jpg Pure Encapsulations Rhodiola Rosea 180 cap
Rhodiola Rosea

Moderates occasional physical and emotional stress

*Rhodiola rosea, a Siberian plant also known as Golden root, has been used traditionally for hundreds of years to help lessen mental and physical stress and to promote endurance. Animal studies indicate that the extract also appears to maintain healthy adrenal catecholamine activity during stress and provide cardioprotection by moderating stress-induced catecholamine release in the myocardium. Furthermore, Rhodiola rosea has demonstrated the potential to support healthy glucose metabolism and cellular function. Rhodiola may be contraindicated for individuals taking adrenergic-blocking and antiarrhythmic medications.

Pure Encapsulations Rhodiola Rosea is standardized to contain 3% total rosavins and a minimum of 1% salidrosides, providing broad-spectrum adaptogen support for occasional mental and physical stress, cardiovascular function, and cellular health.

pur_stront.jpg Pure Encapsulations Strontium 227 mg 90 caps
Strontium (citrate)

Trace mineral for bone health

*Strontium is one of many trace minerals essential for bone health. It is a divalent cation and is transported through the body using many of the same transport molecules and receptors as calcium. Recent research has highlighted strontium’s potential to support bone strength and health. Strontium supports healthy osteoblast differentiation and helps to keep osteoclast activity in balance. Additionally, strontium supplementation supports healthy collagen formation by osteoblasts, enhancing bone tensile strength. In a multi-national, prospective two-year placebo-controlled trial with 353 women, strontium supplementation maintained healthy vertebrae integrity as well as healthy bone mineralization. A three-year placebo-controlled, double blind study with 1,649 postmenopausal women, indicated that a strontium salt supported healthy vertebrae composition and was well tolerated. In a preliminary analysis of a three-year placebo- controlled, double blind study of 5,091 postmenopausal women, strontium supplementation promoted healthy hip bones. Since strontium is absorbed using calcium transport mechanisms, strontium supplements should not be taken at the same time as calcium supplements or calcium containing foods. While supplementing with strontium, adequate calcium intake should be maintained. Strontium supplementation may be contraindicated for individuals with impaired renal function.

Strontium promotes healthy osteoblast activity while maintaining healthy osteoclast activity to support healthy bones.

pur_lutein_zeaxan.jpg Pure Encapsulations Lutein / Zeaxanthin 120 caps

*High-strength carotenoid blend for macular support

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the two major carotenoid pigments stored in the macula, the central part of the retina. They are believed to promote the integrity and density of the macular pigment through antioxidant properties. In addition, they help form a protective layer that filters light, maintaining healthy photoreceptor function in the macula. Increased intake of these carotenoids is associated with increased macular concentration. Numerous double blind, placebo-controlled trials indicate that lutein and zeaxanthin support the health of the optical lens as well as the retina. Additionally, recent research has revealed that the combination may target different areas in the retina to enhance total retinal health, photoreceptor health, and color vision.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are unique carotenoids that specifically support the macula and overall visual function.

†† is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.
†Zeaxanthin is sourced from OPTISHARP™ brand. OPTISHARP™ is a trademark of DSM Nutritional Products, Inc

CFS Nutrition L-histidine, 90 vegetable capsules of 500mg
1 bottle, of 90 500 mg capsules. An amino acid essential in forming many metal/mineral bearing enzymes and compounds, including super oxide dismutase, ferritin, FUR, cerulplasmin, hemoglobin, metallothionein, and cysteine dioxygenase. Used to regulate essential trace minerals zinc, copper and to store and transport out of the body unwanted metals nickel, mercury, lead, and cadmium.


GSH.jpg CFS Nutrition Glutathione Precursors 120 v caps
1 bottle with 120 vegetable capsules. The same amino acid blend found in “Defense” packets. These free form amino acids absorb into the bloodstream and readily form glutathione (GSH) inside of cells. GSH is the most abundant antioxidant enzyme inside of cells, essential for protection against free radicals, proper immune function and detoxification of xenobiotics such as mercury and drugs. By blending all three amino acids required for producing glutathione this blend avoids the common gastro-intestinal side-effects when only NAC is taken. These capsules can be taken as often as three times a day for extended periods of weeks and months as aggressive support for the body’s immune and detoxification processes. For best results this amino acid formula should be taken along with daily B vitamins such as found in our “Cellular B™ formula” and Defense & Replenish formulas.

Each vegetable capsule contains: 257mg N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), 128mg L-glutamic acid, 64mg L-glycine, free form amino acids.


pur_vit_D_emulsion.jpg Pure Encapsulations – Vitamin D3 Liquid 22.5 ml
Vitamin D3 liquid
Supplement Facts

1 drop contains:
vitamin D3 1,000 i.u..
(other ingredients: medium chain triglycerides)

Not to be taken by pregnant and lactating women. It is recommended that individuals taking more than 2,000 i.u. vitamin D per day have their blood levels monitored.

1-7 drops per day, with a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner.*Support for bone, breast, prostate, cardiovascular, colon and immune health in an easy to use liquid form

Vitamin D promotes intestinal calcium and phosphorous absorption and reduces urinary calcium loss, essential mechanisms for maintaining proper calcium levels in the body and for healthy bone composition. Vitamin D supports cardiovascular function in some individuals, which may be attributed to its effect on calcium metabolism or possibly by helping to maintain healthy plasma renin function. A role for vitamin D in supporting colon health by promoting healthy cellular function has also been suggested. Furthermore, vitamin D is believed to provide general cellular support potential, including for breast and prostate tissue, in part by helping to maintain healthy angiogenesis balance, supporting immune cell activity, and maintaining healthy cell metabolism. Vitamin D¹s role in immune health has long been established; vitamin D receptors are found on a number of immune cells, including lymphocytes and macrophages, supporting healthy immune cell activation.

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3 liquid provides 1,000 i.u. per drop, an ideal daily amount. For individuals with greater short-term needs, this product allows for achieving 25,000-50,000 i.u. vitamin D3 per week without having to take multiple capsules. For the elderly, Vitamin D3 liquid is an easy to use form. Vitamin D3 liquid, in a base of medium chain triglycerides, does not require emulsification for absorption. Vitamin D3 liquid is also free of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and sugars.


pur_arginine.jpg Pure Encapsulations L-Arginine 750 mg/90 vcaps

*Versatile nitric oxide precursor

Arginine supports nitric oxide formation, important for healthy dilation of blood vessels, circulation, and blood flow. In a prospective, double blind trial, l-arginine supplementation supported healthy endothelial function in blood vessels of male volunteers. In other studies, l-arginine promoted healthy platelet function and enhanced exercise tolerance. In men with low urinary nitric oxide values, l-arginine may support healthy sexual function. Some but not all research involving l-arginine supplementation for sperm motility has produced positive results. Arginine plays a role in the synthesis of hormones such as insulin and growth hormone, and has demonstrated the potential to support glucose metabolism and growth hormone production respectively. Because of its effect on nitric oxide production, l-arginine is theoretically best avoided by individuals with migraines, depression, autoimmune disorders, and kidney or liver disease. Arginine is contra-indicated for individuals with the herpes virus.

l-Arginine is a safe, versatile amino acid precursor of nitric oxide associated with promoting cardiovascular health, immune support, sexual function, and memory.

pur_phyto_ADR.jpg Pure encapsulations Phyto-ADR

Vegetarian adrenal support formula

*This vegetarian formula provides wide range herbal and nutritional support for the adrenal glands. Panax ginseng and Eleutherococcus senticosus, or eleuthero, are highly recognized adaptogens, promoting physiological balance and resistance to stress. In part, they help to moderate the production of adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) and ultimately corticosterone activity. Corticosterone promotes the conversion of amino acids into carbohydrates and glycogen by the liver and stimulates glycogen formation in the tissues, supporting optimal energy reserves. Rhodiola rosea, containing rosavins and salidrosides, also acts to balance hypothalamic- pituitary-adrenal activity. Rhodiola can have a calming effect on the central nervous and supports healthy thyroid, thymus, and adrenal gland function. In particular, rhodiola may moderate the effects of physical and emotional stress. Recently, a double blind cross-over study suggests that rhodiola may help to moderate fatigue under stressful conditions. Astragalus and ashwagandha promote immune support and complement the adaptogenic activity of this formula. Calcium pantothenate, a vitamin B5 derivative, is essential for activating the adrenals. Collectively, these ingredients support the health and activity of the adrenal glands.

Phyto-ADR provides comprehensive support for healthy adrenal function.

†The adrenal glands control and regulate the body’s self- defense mechanism against stress, a reaction to any stimulus which upsets normal functioning and disturbs mental or physical health. The adrenal glands generate the energy needed to perform strenuous tasks, deal with emotional crises, and fight infection. Healthy adrenal gland function is crucial to a number of physiological functions including glucose metabolism, stress adaptation, energy generation, stamina, and the immune response.

CFS Nutrition pH Release 120 cap
1 bottle of 120 capsules. Magnesium/Potassium Citrate Formula – Relieves muscle pain, chelates excess calcium, and supports cellular energy production. pH balance is essential for proper metabolism. Human metabolism relies on the salts of weak acids such as citrate to maintain pH in a tight physiological range. Citrate is known to chelate excess calcium from solution. Citrate is an essential substrate or ingredient for the Kreb or citric acid cycle of the mitochondria. Excess citrate is either consumed in cellular energy production or excreted along with excess minerals such as calcium in urine. Magnesium and potassium are essential trace minerals that can easily be lost during detox in sweat and urine. This formula complements the excretion enhancing actions of Glutathione Precursors, LDF and Chanca Piedra Tea.

Each vegetable capsule contains: 300mg potassium citrate, 200mg magnesium citrate


pur_selenium.jpg Pure Encapsulations Selenium 60 caps
Selenium (selenomethionine)

Antioxidant for immune system support

*Selenium is a natural antioxidant that delays the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids and preserves the elasticity of tissue. Selenium is required for the production of certain prostaglandins, which promote healthy blood flow. In synergy with vitamin E, selenium promotes healthy growth and fertility, and improves the function of certain energy producing cells. Selenium also provides support for the immune system.

Selenium protects normal cell function by supporting the body’s natural defenses and scavenging harmful free radicals.

pur_taurine.jpg Pure Encapsulations Taurine 500 mg 60 veg cap

Taurine 500 mg.

Cardiovascular and detoxification support

* Taurine is the most abundant free amino acid in the brain, heart, and nervous system, and it plays a role in the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, gallbladder, eyes, and vascular system. It facilitates the passage of sodium, potassium, and, possibly, calcium and magnesium ions into and out of cells, and electrically stabilizes cell membranes. It maintains healthy cAMP activity, which activates important enzymes in the heart muscle, and contributes to the muscle’s contractibility. Taurine is an important component of bile acids which aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It aids the body’s chemistry by detoxifying harmful chemicals. Dietary taurine promotes the formation of taurocholate, a substance which increases cholesterol secretion in the bile and also supports fat metabolism in the liver.

Taurine offers a wide range of nutritional support to many organ systems throughout the body; as a supplement it is most notably known for its heart muscle support.

pur_zinc15.jpg Pure Encapsulations Zinc 15mg 60 cap
Zinc 15

Highly absorbable immune support

*Zinc plays an important role in supporting the body’s defense system, and is related to the normal absorption and actions of the B vitamins. It is a constituent of over two dozen enzymes involved in digestion and metabolism, including carbonic anhydrase which is vital to tissue respiration. Zinc is essential for the healthy storage and metabolism of carbohydrates. Zinc plays a fundamental role in collagen formation and healthy tissue development. This mineral is also essential for normal fetal and reproductive development, and it contributes to healthy prostatic function.

Zinc picolinate is a highly absorbable form of this mineral, which is essential for a wide range of physiological functions, including support of the body’s defense system.

pur_cats_claw.jpg Pure Encapsulations Cats Claw 500mg 90 vcaps
Cat’s Claw

Support for joint, cardiovascular, immune and gastrointestinal function

* Cat’s claw, also known as Uncaria tomentosa, has been used traditionally in Peru for over 2,000 years. Alkaloids, phenols, sterols and glycosides comprise some of the naturally occurring constituents of this herb. The effects of these compounds are far- reaching and include support for joint function, gastric and intestinal health, cellular protection and immune activity. In a 52-week, randomized, double blind trial, cat’s claw extract promoted joint comfort in volunteers. A 4-week study also suggests that cat’s claw has the ability to promote joint comfort, in part by maintaining healthy prostaglandin metabolism. Other mechanisms of action that may account for these effects include protecting from oxidative stress and supporting healthy cytokine production. Studies involving cultured gastric epithelial cells suggest that cat’s claw may provide important antioxidant protection for gut health. Cat’s claw alkaloids have been specifically associated with enhancing immune system cell function, including phagocytosis and macrophage activity. Cardiovascular support properties include support for healthy vascular and platelet function. Preliminary evidence suggests that cat’s claw may provide protective support for healthy breast cell function. Cat’s claw may be contraindicated for individuals who are taking blood thinning or antihypertensive medications due to a potential synergistic effect.

Cat’s claw extract is derived from the inner vine bard and is standardized to contain 3% alkaloids and 15% polyphenols, providing potential joint, cardiovascular, immune and gastrointestinal function support. This cat’s claw extract contains 2.73% POAs and 0.27% TOAs.

pur_biotin_8mg.jpg Pure Encapsulations Biotin 8 mg 60 capsules
Biotin 8 mg, 60 capsules.

Promotes healthy glucose metabolism and nerve health; helps support healthy nails

*Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is an essential co-factor for a number of metabolic carboxylation reactions. Biotin forms a covalent bond to the following carboxylase enzymes: pyruvate carboxylase for glucose metabolism, acetyl CoA carboxylase for fatty acid oxidation, and propionyl-CoA carboxylase and ?- methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase for amino acid metabolism. A clinical study reported that high dose administration of biotin helped promote healthy glucose metabolism. A number of animal studies support this claim. Biotin may also act to promote transcription and translation of glucokinase, an enzyme found in the liver and pancreas that participates in the metabolism of glucose to form glycogen. Studies have also indicated that biotin is supportive of nervous system health and function. A clinical study revealed that biotin promotes nerve cell health. In addition, a double-blind study reported that biotin supplementation may promote healthy lipid metabolism. Furthermore, clinical studies have indicated that biotin may adjust the cellular arrangement of the nail bed, helping to reinforce the keratin structure, promote strength and thickness, and reduce splitting. Recent studies have expanded biotin’s metabolic role, claiming that the vitamin maintains healthy genetic expression of the many enzymes for which it is a cofactor. One study suggested that this gene modulation is supportive of healthy immune system function, stating that biotin may be involved in the transcription of some immune cells.

Biotin provides potential support for healthy glucose metabolism, nerve function, and nail strength.

pur_Bcomplex.jpg Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus 60 v caps
B-Complex Plus, 60 capsules

Balanced B vitamin formula

*As a complex, the B vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and are perhaps the most important nutritional factor for healthy nerve cells. The B vitamins also play a role in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, in the metabolism of fats and protein, and in the maintenance of muscle tone in the GI tract. The B vitamins support the integrity of the skin, hair, and liver. This balanced combination of functionally interrelated B vitamins provides wide ranging benefits, yet is specifically supportive of the nervous system.

As part of a well-balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 may reduce the risk of vascular disease.†

†FDA evaluated the above claim and found that while it is known that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol reduce the risk of heart disease and other vascular diseases, the evidence in support of the above claim is inconclusive.

pur_multi_T_D.jpg Pure Encapsulations Multi t/d 60 caps
Multi t/d

Two-per-day multivitamin/mineral formula

*Multi t/d is a two-per-day multivitamin/mineral formula providing a concentrated core of nutrient essentials. Enhanced with lutein and zeaxanthin, this formula couples fundamental support with convenience. Furthermore, Multi t/d provides the advanced mineral delivery systems and active vitamin cofactors found in Nutrient 950® and UltraNutrient® for optimal bioavailability and utilization. As part of a well-balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 may reduce the risk of vascular disease.†

Multi t/d offers a highly bioavailable vitamin, trace mineral and antioxidant combination with a two capsule per day recommendation for simplicity and optimal compliance.

‡† lutein is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.

†Zeaxanthin is sourced from OPTISHARP™ brand. OPTISHARP™ is a trademark of DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.