Sugar and Heart Disease

Fascinating article where refined sugar consumption is shown to correlate positively with risk of heart disease.  The researchers making this report then go on to speculate on the hows and whys overlooking what is glaring to more and more of us.  Anyone who has been enlightened by the awareness that we are colonized by microbes, 10x more than we have human cells, should be aware that this is an important overlooked dimension.  We already know that free sugars as found in high fructose corn syrup vigorously ferment inflammatory microbes in the gut.  This inflammation adds to our fatigue, generalized aches and pains, insulin resistance, excessive hunger and tendency towards overweight and obesity.  Heart disease is also an inflammatory process.   It was never a stretch, and now we have solid evidence that this is a significant component to one of the most common causes of death in our modern way of life.  The doctors at True Health Medicine successfully treat inflammation and excessive hunger by modifying the microbes in people’s guts.  We have seen success in reducing inflammation and excessive hunger, now we will also be acknowledging reduced risk for heart disease as another intended benefit of our treatments.