Supplement Liquidation Sale

Most stock ~30% OFF

Most of our in-house inventory is on sale at approximately 30% off our regular retail price. If you would like to purchase an item, please call the office at 503-691-0901 and we can advise you of availability and exact pricing. We can collect payment over the phone and arrange for either a physically-distanced pick up or to ship items to you (shipping charges apply). All sales are final. Sale is while supplies last. I’m sorry, but we are unable to “hold” items for you.

In Stock As Of 02/17/2021

Ayush Bio Gymnema 90 ct

Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy 10 ml

Bioclinic Naturals Gaba Pro Chewable Tablets 90 ct

Bioclinic Naturals Somno Pro Chewable Tablets 90 ct

Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil 250 ml

Ecological Formulas Monolaurin 300 mg 90 ct

GAIA Herbs Elderberry Tincture 2 oz

Golden Lotus Herbs Lung and Throat Herbal Lozenges 20 ct

Herb Pharm Urinary System Support Tincture 1 oz

Herb Pharm Virattack Tincture 1 oz

Innate Flora 20-14 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Activated Charcoal 100 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Adrenal Complex 60 ct * requires a doctor recommendation

Integrative Therapeutics Berberine 500 mg 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Calcium D Glucarate 90 ct

Integrative Therapeutics EHB 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics L-theanine 100mg 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Lipotropic Complex 90 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Mentharil 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Para Guard 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Pregnenolone Cream 15mg 2 oz

Integrative Therapeutics Pro Som Sleep Aid 60 ct

Integrative Therapeutics Similase GFCF 120 ct

Interplexus Seriphos 100 ct

Metabolic Maintenance 5-HTP 50mg 60 ct

Metagenics Cortico B5 B6 60 ct

Mountain Peak Nutritionals Adrenal B Complex

Mountain Peak Nutritionals Glycemic Formula 90 ct

Nasopure Refill Kit

Nordic Naturals ProOmega Fish oil 120 ct

Palma Christi Castor oil 4 oz

Palma Christi Cotton Flannel 1 ct

Palma Christi Slippery Elm Bark Powder 4 oz

Pharmax Freeze Dried Garlic 90 ct

Priority One Biovegetarian 60 ct

Priority One Stress B and C with Adrenal 60 ct * Requires a doctor recommendation

Progressive Labs Lecithin 1200 mg 100 ct

Protocol Saccharomyces Boulardii 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations B Complex Plus 120 ct

Pure Encapsulations B Complex Plus 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations L-Glutamine Powder 8 oz

Pure Encapsulations Melatonin 3mg 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Multivitamin 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations Phyto ADR 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations Selenium 60 ct

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D 5000 IU 120 ct

Pure Encapsulations Zinc 15mg 60 ct

Thorne GI Encaps 180 ct

Thorne L-Lysine 60 ct

Thorne Mediclear Chocolate 30 oz

Thorne Meriva 500mg (soy free) 120 ct

Thorne Meriva 500mg (soy free) 60 ct

Thorne Methyl Guard Plus 90 ct

Thorne Phytisones 60 ct

Thorne Trace Minerals 90 ct

Vital Nutrients Aller-C 100 ct

Vital Nutrients Boswellia Extract 400mg 90 ct

Vital Nutrients Niacin 500mg 90 ct

Vital Nutrients Sleep Aid 60 ct

Vitanica Chaste Tree Berry 60 ct

Vitanica Cranstat Extra 60 ct

Vitanica Iron Extra 60 ct

Vitanica Thyrofem 60 ct

Wise Woman Adrenal Tonic Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman All Purpose Salve 1 oz

Wise Woman Circulatory Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Herbal CE I Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Herbal CE II Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Khella Asthma Guard Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Liquid Serenity 1 oz

Wise Woman Lower Respiratory Support Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Menomorophosis Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Phytobiotic Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Phytodiuretic Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Phytoest Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Phytoprogest Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Throatease Tincture 2 oz

Wise Woman Upper Respiratory Support Tincture 2 oz