True Health Medicine Now Offering Telemedicine Services (Virtual Visits)

The following information was emailed to our patients and community on 3/16/2020. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

Changes at True Health Medicine

With an abundance of caution based on current public health recommendations aimed to protect the most vulnerable among us, we are temporarily making changes to our service offerings for at least the next two weeks (3/16/20-3/26/20). We will continue to re-evaluate the situation as new information becomes available. We will be updating our status and information on our website, blog and Facebook. Please visit us there to stay informed. We will email you sparingly on this topic in the days ahead.

If you are having difficulty breathing, call your local hospital or call 911 to arrange transport. 

If you are not having an emergency, we are able to assist you. We can help you assess the severity of your illness and if you need to be referred for testing or other services. Currently for those with mild to moderate symptoms, home treatment is recommended. While there are no nutritional supplements or medications studied specifically for the treatment of COVID-19, naturopathic medicine has many treatment options to support you and your immune system should you develop COVID-19 or any other respiratory illness. We can assist you in self-treating at home. Please contact the clinic at 503-691-0901 or

What is changing?

  • Our naturopathic physicians are offering virtual visits for both new and established patients. 
    • Virtual visits are also called telemedicine and are essentially a video chat. 
    • We are also offering telephone follow ups for established patients. 
    • Your insurance coverage may vary for telephone and telemedicine visits. You should check with your insurance company to verify your coverage if you have any concerns.
  • We are temporarily suspending acupuncture and massage therapy appointments. 
    • We are working on measures to safely continue these services and will reinstate these visits as soon as possible. 
    • If you would like to stay informed about when that happens, please call the office or email and request to be added to our wait list. 
  • Our office will not be open for walk-in business. Our staff and providers will be working from home as much as possible and our office will not have consistent hours during this time. Please leave us messages so we can contact you back from whatever locations we are working from. We will be checking email and voicemail regularly. You can also message your provider directly through the Charm portal. 

Some things are staying the same…

  • Medication refills – Please continue to contact your pharmacy with refill requests. This is the fastest way for us to refill prescriptions. Please request refills of your medication with adequate time for processing to ensure that you do not run out of medication. We recommend you request refills when you have at least 7-14 days of medication remaining. We will work with you to make sure that your medication needs are handled. Call the office for assistance. 
  • Supplement refills – We will continue to order supplements and fulfill orders at our office and through FullScript, our online medicinary. Please call the office and staff will assist you with your order. We will be collecting payment over the phone and providing supplements to you while maintaining social distancing.  

So, what should you do about the threat of COVID-19? 

First and foremost, we encourage you not to panic. It is natural to be concerned or worried at this time, but excessive fear and worry does not serve you. If you are feeling worried, we encourage you to acknowledge those feelings and take steps to regain a sense of control. Some strategies you may find helpful are meditation, journalling or connecting with family and friends (by phone or video chat). If you have been keeping up with the news and or social media, this might be a good time to take a break. While it can feel important to stay informed, you may actually find that checking in once a day is enough. Focus on the things that are in your control – your own mindset, your actions and how you choose to spend this time. 

There are measures you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy. 

  • We do recommend that you use social distancing as much as possible. 
  • Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds with a gentle hand soap. 
    • Antibacterial soap is not needed and can be hard on skin. 
    • Use hand sanitizer only when out and nothing else is available. This too can be hard on skin.
    • Use a gentle hand cream or lotion to keep hands moisturized as frequent washing will dry skin.
  • Rest and sleep 
  • Healthy diet 
  • Supplementation can be helpful for supporting your immune system. Please schedule a telemedicine visit with our naturopathic providers if you need specific recommendations. 

If you have symptoms of cough or fever, please note that we are unable to see you in the office until you are symptom free for 14 days. In this case, a virtual visit would be an ideal way for us to check in and provide treatment recommendations. 

Keep in touch so we can help

If you have needs that are not addressed here, please contact our office. We are here to support you and will do our best – staying in communication with us is the best way that we can help you.